Green” was probably the most profound documentary I have watched in some time. Within the first few minutes, the ambience and videography reminded me of the non-verbal, meditative nature of the documentary films ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ as well as ‘Baraka’, which chronicles different human activities, life, events, and the intermingling with the effects of technology. While both differ in their meanings, they are profoundly beautiful and probe your consciousness into deeper questions about reality.  Similarly, “Green” let images guide the direction for the viewer, while you are left putting the puzzle pieces together in the end and ultimately thinking “the way we exists makes little sense”, just like discussed in class today. On the surface, it was profoundly depressing. Industry, technology, capital, life is just out of balance, in the name of efficiency and profit, supply and demand. It showed me how humankind is so largely out of touch with nature. These are the effects of the global system we exist in, and every kit kat bar, every shelf we put on our wall, its so deep-rooted in our everyday lives that the orangutans and ecosystem abroad are mere figments.  “Green”, although a film with no narration, spoke volumes to me. 

Oct 1. What are you a geek about?

For my birthday, my dear friend gifted me a “365 questions” book, where each day you fill out an answer. Occasionally, I will post some to my tumblr, because the 3 lines of space offered are not nearly enough for endless ramblings.

OCT 1: What are you a geek about? 

I am a geek about my constant quest for knowledge. I love learning. This is one of the reasons I feel little to no remorse about taking ‘longer than average’ to complete my degree. As a result of spending seven years doing my undergraduate, I have delved into the many realms of study offered at my university: Anthropology, Astronomy, Bioethics, Biology, English, History, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics… I am pretty well versed in (some) sciences but mostly in the humanities. In this sense, I am a geek. 

In a second sense, I am a geek because I would rather stay home and curl up on my couch with a book (and my kitty). I try to read as much as possible, but I find that when in school it’s so hard to read for leisure, and I end up reading only during travels (which is often). 

Lastly, I am a geek with technology. I remember when I was 12, I had my own website on a server called “expages.com” a precurser to any blog that exists in present day. I think it was around 2000, 2001? Either way, I was so hype on the scene! I also used the internet for everything, and now, I feel as if I am so computer literate that I may as well have took the route to computer science. Regardless, I am an internet geek.

Nostalgia is denial - denial of the painful present… the name for this denial is golden age thinking - the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one one’s living in - it’s a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present.

Midnight in Paris 

The Afghan Girl 

Featured on the Nat Geo cover in 1985, taken in 1984 

Born 1972, making her 12 years old at the time the photo was taken. She is now 42 years old.

The Afghan Girl 

Featured on the Nat Geo cover in 1985, taken in 1984 

Born 1972, making her 12 years old at the time the photo was taken. She is now 42 years old.

Welcome to Pallywood.

1] - the “crowded market massacre”

What happened: IDF struck a warehouse containing rockets, as proven by numerous secondary explosions. Palestinians rushed to the scene but were then killed/injured by the fallout from the burning warehouse. Objects, most likely fuel tanks etc exploded, flew out on to the street and killed/maimed several people - everybody was injured on their feet, shins and legs, all lower body injuries (many had their legs broken) - this does not happen with an air strike. Ambulance sustained damage at the front whilst a puff of smoke is seen behind with no damage to ambulance. The ceasefire did not include Shijaiyah because Hamas was still launching rockets from there. The media reported that the market was closed but then tried to scrub this, thankfully, somebody saved it. The numbers of 160 wounded were a complete fabrication.

How it was reported: IDF said there was a humanitarian ceasefire so people flocked to the busy market which was then hit by numerous Israeli airstrikes, directly hitting the market then there was a follow up strike on the ambulance that arrived.

2] the “UN boys school bombing in Rafah”[2]

What happened: IDF struck 2 men on the street outside of the school with an extremelt accurate, guided missile, one small enough to produce a tiny 8” crater. The bodies of the men were then dragged in to the UN compound, several actors played dead near them, little girl is constantly picked up and positioned for photo opportunity and then picked up by a man who sprints back outside of the school but stops after a few yards and gazes aimlessly in to the distance, men carrying little boys with zero injuries, dead people eventually getting to their knees, they PURPOSELY move a large piece of scaffolding which was covering a sign saying “UNRWA boys school”.

How it was reported: Israeli airstrike hits yet another UN school, killing several people, Ban Ki Moon calls it a disgrace etc

3] the “Jabalia school shelling”[3] (this one is still sketchy and enters the realms of conspiracy a little when determining the cause of the damage, it does however largely rule out Israeli tank shelling)

What happened: IDF came under heavy mortar fire from the area and responded in that general direction with 1-3 tank shells. Only one of the pictured sites looks close to showing damage consistent with an Israeli tank shell but even then, upwards bent corrugated roofing indicates something else exploded just beside the building. The damage depicted all has strange trajectories and most of the walls are riddled with heavy calibre machine gun fire, damage inside the buildings is purposely made worse for the pictures. It appears that Hamas fired from around the school and after they received an Israeli response, they peppered the school with heavy machine gun fire and hit it with what seems to be mortars & RPG fire in order to make it look like Israel shelled the school

How it was reported: Israeli shells hit UN school, killing 19~ people despite Israel knowing full well where the school was

4] the “unexploded Israeli bombs”[4]

What happened: Large unexploded bombs were placed around for photo opportunities, for numerous reasons explained within the post, they do not belong to Israel.

5] the “shot and killed by Israeli sniper video”

Part 1[5] Part 2[6] Part 3[7]

What happened: ISM activists clearly stage the shooting of a guy apparently searching for his family in some rubble. You have to read this one for yourself but the most telling points are that he’s not in line of sight of the alley way they claim the sniper shot, several parts of the video were taken at different times of the day due to the shadows, the man appears to squirt fake blood on himself and has absolutely no wounds consistent with what would be present with the Israeli sniper system - there’s lots more damning evidence.

How it was reported: Poor Palestinian is mercilessly gunned down by Israeli sniper whilst desperately searching for his family amongst rubble.

7] How the media is reporting death toll numbers from Hamas/sympathetic sources uncritically and is being threatened

In this post[10] , I explained how the source of the “UN says 80%” line is a UN report which cities the Health Ministry (Gaza), the PCHR which lied about hundreds of civilians in Cast Lead and is still lying and BTselem who simply takes the word of their family as fact despite Hamas instructing everybody to refer to all deaths as “innocent civilians”. I also highlight several examples of journalists knowingly/unwittingly exposing Hamas but retracting their stories soon after.

We KNOW Hamas is waging a media war, the Palestinians are even bragging about winning it[11] . All explosions are reported as Israeli air strikes/shellings, all dead are reported as “innocent civilians” killed by Israel, we see absolutely no photos or videos of Palestinian militants militants or the firing of rockets, indeed the news on the TV and in print newspapers is entirely of dead/injured Palestinians and damaged buildings - that is 95% of what the media is showing people. The media is uncritically reporting Palestinian tales and claims whilst refusing to engage in even a semblance of even handed journalism & basic fact checking - the former is perhaps because we know they risk their lives for pointing their cameras at Hamas gun men.